Diploma published yesterday in the Official Gazette limits the use of firearms. Rules take effect in October.

The night-guards will have new rules from October, which limit the use of firearms, favoring pepper gas and electric guns, and restrict the use of dogs to supplement security by specific authorization. The new legal regime of the night watchman activity, published yesterday in the Official Gazette, shall enter into force on 24 October, establishing the rules of activities of these professionals.

According to the diploma, the night guard has an activity of public interest that complements the activity of the security forces, but distinct from private security services. The performance of the night guards is “limited by the general rules applicable to other citizens with regard in particular to help, to self-defense, the detention of persons to the exclusion of illegality and guilt, road traffic and to use and carry weapons, except as otherwise provided in this Act. ” In case of default, incur a fine ranging from 600 to 3000 euros. (Read more)