Government extends support to vocational training to all companies

The Government wants to extend to all companies the support to vocational training only available to the automotive sector. According to JN, the Executive also intends to increase the number of workers per company that can make training with state support.

The Government will extend to all companies in difficulty the State support for the professional support and that hitherto were only available to the automotive sector, reported The News Journal. After the Minister of Labour announced this intention a few days, the ordinance should be even published this week in the Official Gazette will confirm two amendments to the Qualification and Employment program. One allows the state to pay 90 percent of the wages of workers who do vocational training instead of the current 85 percent, while another increases the number of workers per company that can do this training. Currently, automobile companies may only have one fifth of its employees for training, but according to the News Journal the number will increase to 35 percent in this sector and 25 percent in other branches.

The Training and Employment program can only continue to access companies that do not have debts to the state and workers and have economic viability. These companies may not make redundancies, except for cause, distribute profits and increase the salaries of managers.