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13 Mar

The employee is entitled to 35 hours of continuing education per year, exactly the level in force today. Training should be developed by the employer or by an entity recognized and integrated into the National Qualifications System.

Each year, as today, the company has to provide training at least a tenth of workers, including term contract.

The company can anticipate or postpone the training given to a worker for two years. If, two years after the expiry of this period, do not do it, one gains a credit hours considered normal working hours and paid as such.

When you want the employee can use the credit to make training, having only to inform the employer at least ten days before the start. If you do not use the credit hours in the space of three years, loses right to it. If, however, the contract work cease, the person is entitled to receive the consideration (money) corresponding to the hours of training that was to be done. By collective bargaining or agreement, can be defined that the company will pay a subsidy for training.