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22 Sep

Check-Training, please apply to your course at ZERO cost »

The check-training measure, which aims to facilitate individual access of workers to training, was published in the Official Gazette on 3 August and entered into force on 5th of this month.

27 Aug

Guards-night pass to use more pepper gas and electric guns »

Diploma published yesterday in the Official Gazette limits the use of firearms. Rules take effect in October.

06 Aug

Internships and training courses »

The unemployment statistics come as the Portuguese used in professional stage, with inclusion of employment contract and support to hiring.

05 Aug

Security companies »

The Security Companies Association (AES) today called for an end of undeclared work in the industry and compliance with the working hours of eight hours, in order to increase tax revenues an

04 Aug

Vocational training »

Vocational training: Minimum of 35 hours a year remains
The employee is entitled to 35 hours of continuing education per year, exactly the level in force today.

25 Jun

Check-paid training the unemployed can reach 500 euros »

In the case of employees, the maximum value is 87.5 euros. Government’s proposal leaves out companies that do not meet minimum training hours required by law.

01 Apr

Government extends support to vocational training to all companies »

The Government wants to extend to all companies the support to vocational training only available to the automotive sector.

21 Mar

Workers on strike against private security changes in the labor contract »

About 50 employees of private security focused in front of the Association of Security Companies in Lisbon, to ensure that “will not accept the employer’s contract” and to

20 Mar

Prevention Measures »

The term prevention measures the Prevention Procedures and Prevention Plan, with which the former are required in buildings lower category of risk of fire and the Plan of prevention is manda

18 Mar

Legal Framework of Private Security »

The sector of private security in Portugal is governed according to the legal regime established by Law No. 34/2013 of 16 th May.