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11 Mar

After the related 2014 article with the same theme, we find this article with more news in saldopositivo site of CGD:

The programs “job-insertion contract” and “job-insertion contract +” changed and will cover more people unemployed.

For those who are unemployed and have exhausted unemployment benefits, from the end of January there will be a social support for these cases. At issue is the reformulation of the statute governing the programs’ employment contracts-insertion “and” employment contracts-insertion + “and which was published in the Official Gazette on 31 December. These programs promoted by IEFP provide for the occupation of unemployed people through socially necessary labor performance in exchange for a bag that can reach up to 419, 22 euros.
So far, these two measures were aimed at unemployed who were receiving unemployment benefits, the unemployment assistance or social integration income. However, with the reformulation of the statute, these programs are replaced your recipient universe expanded and will include unemployed people also who are not receiving subsidies. And not a few. Official data show that in November there were more than 692,000 people registered in the employment centers. However, only 374,000 were receiving an unemployment benefit.